Helpful Suggestions for selling your home

Replace any burnt out light bulbs and do not use any low energy bulbs. Buyers want to see what they are buying.

The exterior is the first thing a potential buyer will see.

  • Repair broken fences
  • Mow and trim lawns.
  • Weed flower beds, replace dead plants and trees.
  • Remove debris off roof, make repairs to worn/cracked shingles.
  • Patio – flowering plants and furniture are attractive.
  • Remove gardening equipment.
  • Tidy barbeque, and visible outdoor items.
  • If required give outside a fresh coat of paint, maybe just touch up the trim.
  • Shine up the door knobs, replace worn doorbells, mailboxes, etc.
  • Add welcoming door mats or flowers.
  • Garage and driveway need to be free of obstructions. Make sure automatic garage door opener is working. Clean up any grease or oil spots.


  • Remove any wallpaper borders and make sure painting has been refreshed within the last few years.
  • If painting use neutral colors. Not everyone likes bold colors.
  • Clean, and complete minor repairs – door knobs, hinges, screens and window glass.
  • Clean windows and good working draperies are important.
  • Steam clean carpets, be aware of odors caused by dampness, or pets.
  • Storage space increases desirability. Keep closets neat and tidy.
  • Make beds, dust shelves, vacuum, touch up walls with paint if necessary.
  • Bathrooms + Kitchens – Shine mirrors and faucets, clean up personal toiletries. Be conscious of odors by hampers, dampness, etc.
  • Clean up as much as possible to give a spacious look in your home.